Annual appeal letter on desk


In the world of non-profits, there used to be what is considered the season of giving—usually around the holidays at the end of the year. The mailbox was filled with letters and postcards asking for a small donation to a multitude of worthy causes.

Annual Appeals – not just once a year.

We still may call it an annual appeal but the work is more than once a year. The success of an annual appeal has everything to do with your relationship with your donor base and their engagement with your organization. Today’s donors need to hear from you throughout the year.

Thank – Report – Ask

The work it takes to run a successful annual appeal really starts long before fourth quarter, otherwise donors start to feel like an ATM. It’s up to you do the work to share the impact you are having on the community and bring the donor to the center of it. By thanking, reporting and asking you are starting a cycle that is never-ending. Donors become loyal evangelists.


here are some helpful tools for you