Has your communication plan become the red-headed stepchild in your marketing efforts? First off, that’s not fair to red-heads or stepchildren. The sooner you realize the true importance of your communication plan in your marketing efforts and how to streamline it, the more time and money you’ll have for things like bean burritos!

Cohesion, Discipline and Burritos!

We all know that integrating online and offline channels with sales efforts in a cohesive plan can more effectively position your organization for success, but how many of us consistently write down a detailed plan? I know, thoughts of bean burritos slip in on a regular basis and hey, if lunch is calling…

An annual communications calendar is a simple but highly effective tool that serves to create marketing discipline. The calendar clearly outlines all tactics that will be used on an annual basis. This single sheet of paper becomes the tool to align all marketing activities.


here are some helpful tools for you