Direct Marketing Example


Marketing communications pioneer, Tom Burrell, once said “You’re not marketing if you’re not targeting.” Strong marketing campaigns must have a clear and focused target audience. The idea is to communicate on a 1-to-1 basis. Talk to John Smith about his need for Product “A” versus talking to men in the United States that need Product A. You’ve got to start a dialogue that is meaningful, relevant, and timely. So that’s the direct part. What about the integrated part?

The right message through the right channel.

Well that’s easy—use more than one method to communicate. Maybe John works all day on his computer and relishes his time to sit and review the mail. Or maybe sometimes he’s the type that does all his researching through LinkedIn. Understanding how your audience gets information and responds is the key to creating successful integrated campaigns. Use mail, email and other digital outlets to ensure your target audience receives your message. Data can drive that process.


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